Sunday, 8 December 2013

18 Weeks Pregnant

Please excuse the photo,
The husband is not gifted
in photography and this
was the best of a very very
bad bunch!
I can barely believe its been 18 weeks already, it really is flying by now, Its shocking to think that my next update will be when I'm just over half way!

Whilst Pop is growing hair and crossing and uncrossing legs repeatedly this week, I feel like my body is taking a battering. My hip and back pain is almost constant and my crutches bring no relief, I have a physio appointment booked for the beginning of January and I'm really hoping she will be able to help. I've also had a cold this week and have missed being able to dose up on cold and flu tablets, the sickness is back too, but its not as bad as it was before, so that's something positive!

As you can see I'm finally starting to show, although some people are still scared to ask just in-case I've put a little bit of weight on. Maternity clothes are fitting and I'm much happier now I have clothes to wear (its the little things that please me, it really is!)

I met my community midwife and she was just lovely, I'm so pleased I decided to change midwives, it was the best decision all round. She answered so many of the questions and concerns I had, with out making me feel stupid or assuming I knew it all already as I've had 2 before. She just listened while I talked things through with her like baby girls birth and why I don't want to go to the anti-natal ward after delivery. We came up with a plan I am more than happy with and she even spoke to me about feeding (something that no other midwife has done before!) It really is amazing the difference a decent community midwife can make. She's also organised a GTT for me, and I'm really hoping this will mean I wont have another 10lb baby! 

Pop is now 14-15 cm long and is the size of a sweet potato. The movements are getting much more regular now with baby moving much more at night, and this week her hair and eyebrows are getting bushier. There's an old wives tale that says that the more heartburn you have the more hair on your baby's head. With both girls this was very true, I had horrible, constant heartburn and both of them had a thick head of black hair. With this pregnancy I haven't had an awful lot of heartburn, there has been the odd moment but a Rennie has soon cleared it up, so it will be interesting to see if the old wives tale is true!

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