Sunday, 22 December 2013

Half Way!!

This week has gone by so quick I almost forgot its the half way point today!

I'm struggling a little with this pregnancy now, to be honest I feel like I'm falling apart but with Christmas, Baby Girls 2nd birthday, a trip to Disney land and a few more exciting adventures planned before Pop's arrival, I'm hoping this second half will go by quickly and I wont notice it! (I can dream cant I?)

My lungs are getting squished as baby is taking over my insides and I'm needing to use my inhaler almost constantly at the moment, I'm hoping this will be reduced by the use of a preventer. My pelvis is causing problems too, I'm just about managing to walk although its getting more and more painful and my crutch really isn't helping at all any more, roll on January when I have a physiotherapy appointment and hopefully some advice ad exercises to make it all better.

Another pregnancy symptom that seems here too stay is insomnia. It lingers like an unwelcome guest until 5.30am when finally sleep hits, unfortunately the girls wake up at 6 wanting breakfast and wanting to play. Luckily The Husband is off work for a couple more weeks and is able to take the girls in the morning so I can get a few hours sleep, but I have no idea how we're going to work it when The Husband goes back to work and I'm looking after them full time again.

Pop is 17 cm long and is as big as a banana, we have our 20 week scan on Monday and am really nervous. At the last scan we found out the placenta had moved slightly and was in an unsafe place so I'm really hoping for better news this time, and hoping we can find out the sex. This week Pop is beginning to taste things, just in time for his first Christmas diner!

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