Saturday, 14 December 2013

How do you manage change?

There are a lot of changes and excitement going on in Big Girls life right now. In January she is about to move from Nursery to Primary, we're also waiting to hear if she's got a place at Nursery school starting in the new year, then there's the new baby, Christmas and rooms are changing around the house as we prepare to make room for Pop. As well as dealing with the business of being 3, its really no surprise that Big Girl's behaviour is becoming challenging, she's throwing tantrums for every little thing, asserting her authority and saying 'no' when we ask her to help around the house and regressing in to long forgotten habits from when she was little.

We're trying so hard to make these changes as easy as possible on her, change things gradually rather than all at once, we read stories and talk to her about things that are going to happen and include her as much as possible. We're giving her space to tantrum and express her anger at having no control over the world around her whilst reassuring her that we love her just as much as before. But its so difficult. The parenting guilt kicks in and I worry that its all too much for her, my lovely happy girl who is all too willing to help and talk to us about what she's feeling is disappearing and leaving this unhappy child in her wake.

How do you manage change in your child's life? Do you have any ideas to help us? Will my happy child return one day?

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