Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Home Made Advent Calendar

I spoke about our lack of advent calendar a few weeks back, as I just haven't found the right one and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make one. Since then, between blogging, being pregnant, getting sick and running around after my girls I have been hard at work on my sewing machine making one. I finally finished yesterday and hung it up and it was only 6 days late!

It was fairly simple to make, its all made out of felt and each bag has been Velcro'd on in a tree shape. I guess what's most different about it is the size of each bag, I've struggled to find one that is big enough to put 4 chocolates, a scripture and a little activity in.

After scouring Pinterest, and coming up with not a lot, I set The Husband to work finding 24 simple Christmas scriptures that told the Nativity story.Each scripture is only 1 or 2 verses long and are aimed at our toddlers, as the years go on we can expand on the story, but for now, its just the basics. Then I went through my diary, worked out who would be where and at what time and I came up with 24 special Christmas activities we can do as a family. Again these are very much aimed at my children and are family specific, I haven't shared them here, but some are as simple as having a family day or drinking hot chocolate and watching a festive film and others are more exciting like going to see Santa for the first time ever (I think I'm more excited about that one!) and spending the day with rarely seen family who are visiting from Ireland.

Do you have an advent calendar? Is it home made? What's inside? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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