Monday, 16 December 2013

My week in Instagram

On Saturday I told you about one of my new years resolutions to take more photos, following on from that today I am showing you this past week from Instagram.

The week started off with a very lazy pj day while I got some cleaning and tidying done, Big girl decided she wanted to sit in her dollies cot and Baby Girl wanted to make it into bunk beds so climbed on top! Then when the post came through the door Big Girl declared Santa was going to bring her a pink watch just like one of these...she can keep wishing on that one!

As the week moved on I shared a blog post on my twitter account of some Sweet Snowmen Stocking Fillers, I think they just make the cutest little presents. The both girls decided they were too big for naps any more only to fall asleep on the sofa 5 minutes later, sometimes mummy really does know best!

I walked into our room this week to find Big Girl with both wardrobes open chatting away, I asked what she was doing and 'talking to all my sisters mummy!' was her reply. Silly mummy, how could I not have known that! And finally we ended the week with a quick visit from Santa at the ward Christmas party, its the first time the girls have come up close with Santa and were both a little apprehensive. Big Girl in particular has been talking about it non stop since, we're taking them to see Santa properly next week and I cant wait, although I think their reactions will be much the same.

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