Saturday, 14 December 2013


Later on in the month I'll be talking about my New Years resolutions, but I'm going to let you in on one early - take more photo's!

I've been going over the photos I've taken since the girls were born and have been very sad to discover that I actually haven't taken many at all, especially since Baby Girl was born. I've decided this year that is going to change. I need to get snap happy with my camera. As an incentive to take more photo's I've been looking for photography linkies I can join in with, I've found a lovely one from Dear Beautiful and will be joining in with both her Me&Mine and Me&You link ups in the new year, but I'll talk more about those early next year.

The other linky I've found is The Week That Was: Instagrammed. For me knowing I'm going to be blogging about my week in pictures will encourage me to get my camera out each day and take photos of what going on around me.

So I'm kicking things off today with last week in Instagram

I needed to get the advent calendar finished this week and ended up with a table full of felt scraps and ribbons! Unfortunately on bag 16 we ran out of ribbon and I had to run out and get some more. 

Baby Girl hasn't been well, she's had a little bit of a cold which has meant lots of tantrums and falling asleep snuggled up to me. 

While the girls have been snuggling and cuddling I've had lots of time to look at my tree, it's not quite perfect, but with 2 toddlers who want to 'help' its never going to be!

Whilst waiting for Big Girls ballet class to start this week Baby Girl decided she wanted to learn to drive, she loves playing with the buttons and sticks and it kept her quiet for the 10 minute wait!

Finally this week we have been wrapping the girls presents, I say we, I have been wrapping presents The husband has been getting distracted and playing with the toys! 

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