Friday, 20 December 2013

Real or Fake, The Great Debate

Every year since I was a little girl we always had a fake Christmas tree. My mum will say that's not true, she says that there were some years we had a real tree, and she has memories of trying to keep the living room carpet pine needle free as proof! But I don't remember it. I always used to lust after a real tree, the smell is just gorgeous and the shapes are pretty unique, you just cant seem to replicate it in a fake tree!

Just before The Husband and I got married, I was working as a retail manager in a large chain store where we sold many, many products including (at Christmas) fake Christmas trees. I was working a shift on New Years Day when we had instruction from head office to reduce all of our display trees to just £5, including the decorations already on them. At the end of the day there were a few left and knowing how much of a bargain this was, I phoned The Husband and asked if we should get one.

The thought of a real Christmas tree never even crossed my mind, why would it, I was bought up on fake trees, and I should add, so was the husband! That tree stayed with us for the early years of our marriage, and many of the red baubles are still on our tree now. When we upgraded our fake tree to a larger and bushier version, the option of switching to a real Christmas tree never even crossed my mind. I'd look at real trees in the garden centres and think how pretty they were, but stories of dropping pine needles making mess and them dying before Christmas day had scarred me, I did not want that in my house!

This year whilst we were away in Centre Parcs we had the option of getting a real Christmas tree for our lodge, I realised I wouldn't have to be the one cleaning up the pine needles. The girls had loved decorating
our tree at home and we could let them loose with the decorations. It would only be for a week, then I could return home to my pretty fake tree and pine needle free living room. We decided to go for it, and just as I had thought, the girls loved decorating a second tree this year.

After a few hours of it being up, taking in the pine smell, admiring the unique shape and loving the way it has this cute little tilt, I realised another reason we will never have a real Christmas tree in my home. I'm allergic to them! For our family this solves the real verses fake debate,

What sort of tree do you have, Real or Fake?

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