Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sweet Snowmen Stocking Fillers

I'm rubbish at wrapping, really rubbish. I have dreams of having beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning all tied up in beautiful coordinating ribbons, a different ribbon pattern for each person in the family. In fact my Christmas board on Pinterest is filled with the wrapping I dream of and I keep saying, next year.

One of the reasons I am so bad at wrapping is I have no idea how to wrap awkward shaped things and little things like sweet packets. My girls don't get many sweets during the year, so at Christmas I like to put a few treats into their stockings, but how do you even begin to wrap them?

When my Mum showed me these really cute snowmen, I got very excited, they are so easy to make will look great in the girls stockings. They also make really cute little gifts too.

To make the snowmen you will need,

1) Double sided tape
2) White felt approx 14x11cm
3) Thin ribbon or string
4) Black pen
5) Coloured strip of felt for the scarf
6) Polystyrene balls (used for filling bean bags) and a carrot shaped small piece of felt
7) Triangle shaped piece of felt to make the hat and a thin strip for the trim
8) Some strong fabric glue
9) Rolo's or another similar shaped sweet

1) Take your white piece of felt and place double sided tape along the short sides
2) Wrap round the Rolos leaving a small section at the top, securing in place with the double sided tape
3) place a strip of double sided tape along the bottom of the triangle
4) wrap around the top of the rolos, ensuring the seams match at the back

5) Gather the top of the triangle and tie a not to make the top of the hat
6) Using the strong glue, wrap the trim around the edge of the hat covering the join between the white felt and the hat
7) Take a polystyrene ball and cut it in half drawing a small black dot on each half. Stick them on using the glue
8) Glue on the carrot shape as a nose

9) Wrap the scarf around the snowman using a dab of glue to keep the scarf in place.

And your done! This can also be turned into father Christmas by using red felt and adding a belt, buttons and beard. It really is that easy and they look so cute.

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