Friday, 13 December 2013

Understanding the World

A few months ago I was joined by Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises as she discussed challenging other peoples language in public and what was appropriate. I found it really interesting at the time wondering what I would have done if I were here, and this week have been thinking more and more about what is appropriate for children to be listening to, watching and hearing in conversation in particular.

Whilst in Mothercare looking at pushchairs (I told you I'm a addict!) this week Big Girl told the shopping assistant that the last time we were there she had sat on the floor and eaten chocolate. The assistant smiled and carried on trying to sell me the rather beautiful Mothercare Orb, but I was more shocked. She was half right, the last time we were in Mothercare looking at pushchairs she had indeed sat on the floor eating chocolate, mainly so The Husband and I didn't have to worry about her running all over the shop, but it wasn't the last time we were in the shop. We've been in Mothercare many times since then, the time she was talking about was around 9 months ago, when we were looking to get baby girl a new lightweight pushchair!

I was shocked at what details she was able to remember and what she told me about the trip, she remembered the assistant giving her a balloon and The Husband and I having a small argument over the pushchair we were going to get. She remembered where she was sat and what shape chocolate I had given her.

Later on while I was driving home we were listening to Michael Buble in the car, all of a sudden she pipes up from the back seat, 'Mummy, who's the new man in town?' followed by, 'why is that man wishing us a Merry Christmas?' I know my girls have ears and I know they hear what's going on, but it got me thinking. Just how much do they understand? I didn't expect her to remember the pushchair trip, and certainly not 9 months later, so what else is she storing away?

Although we are pretty careful about what we say and watch with the girls around, this week has been a huge wake up call for me, I think its time to more consciously think about what is going on in the world around them.

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