Monday, 16 December 2013

Weekly Round up

Its been a little quiet on the blog this week, The Husband has been off work, which has meant that our normal routine has gone out the window. It's been lovely to spend some family time together and get lots of little jobs done around the house though.

This week started with me featuring on someone else's blog, Hannah from Make Do and Push does a weekly 'what's in your changing bag' feature. I agreed to do it back in September, but then morning sickness took over. Its a great little feature and definitely worth reading through the archives if your wondering what you really need in your changing bag.

Here at Cakes, Kids and Other Ramblings we started the week making sweet snowmen stocking-fillers, they are very cute and really easy to make. I was then thinking about a great guest post I hosted back in September and wondering if I shield my girls from the world they live in enough.

TWTWILater on in the week I gave a sneak peak into one of my new years resolutions to take more photos and to motivate me to do that I will be joining a couple of new linkies in the new year, including 'My Week That Was: Instagrammed'. I've been showing off the photos that I've been taking and sharing over on instagram.

I've also been wondering how you manage change in your childrens' lives, Big Girl is going through some big changes next year and is already starting to act out. I know that  much of it is because she is growing up and its good for her. I just wish I could scoop her up and protect her from it all, but all I can really do is help her to understand that we still love her and that will never change.

Finally this week I'm grateful for my children I'll let you wonder over there and find out why!

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