Monday, 9 December 2013

Weekly Round up

Hello. This week has gone by so quickly I've almost felt like I've been on a run away train struggling to fit everything in and keep up. Here at Cakes Kids and Other Ramblings, we've all been ill with colds, Baby Girl kindly gave it to me, I've given it to Big Girl and now, The Husband is showing signs of man flu too. Although that could be just because he's off work now till January and has seen my list of jobs that need doing around the house!

This week started with me talking about my crazy mixed up family, if you've ever got confused with me talking about Little Sis, or Little Bro or wondered where these 2 extra children have come from then its one to read, although I cant promise you wont end up even more confused than you were before, maybe what I need is a family tree?

Baby girl gave her Uncle Eddie an important life lesson this week, by pooing while I was out! Having never changed a nappy before I talked him through it over the phone. It was very funny listening to the horrified noises he made, and many people around me were stifling giggles of their own as I explained how to undo a nappy and attempted to describe how to put a nappy on. He got through it and although her nappy wasn't on quite right, he did a very good job and I was very proud of him.

The majority of this week has been spent finishing the Advent calendar, disaster struck when on bag 16 I ran out of ribbon, but a quick trip to the range (which is never really quick when you have 2 toddlers in tow) and I'm all ribboned up again. It was such a relief to finally finish and hang it up. The girls have loved opening it each morning, reading and discussing the scripture, finding out what fun activity we'll be doing (if they're good) and eating the chocolate.

I've also been talking about my Christmas tree and our new decorations. I'm really not an 'eclectic mix of decorations' type person and love my tree to match and look beautiful. I also know where each decoration should be (obsessed? No!) and ended up redecorating the tree this weekend when I came home to find the girls had been moving all the decorations around whilst being babysat by Uncle Eddie.

Continuing along the Christmas theme, I've also been asking 'where do you hide the presents?' Ours are all in plain sight and I'm not sure how much longer we can keep that up for with both girls becoming more and more aware every day. If you have an ingenious way of hiding the Christmas presents I'd love to hear it, just pop on over and leave a comment.

I can barely believe that by Christmas I'll be half way through this pregnancy, I'm 18 weeks already? At the beginning of the pregnancy time slowed so much but now it almost feels like, blink and you'll miss it! If you want to know how big Pop is in fruit and veg go and take a look, although I'm definitely not convinced on the size of their veg, the sweet potato's I usually buy are quite big?!

And finally this week my Small Things was on a fantastic charity called Saying Goodbye. I've written about them a few times before but on Saturday (thanks to Eddie babysitting) The Husband and I had the opportunity to attend one of their services. If you've ever thought about attending, you really should, it was just so beautiful and although I'm not personally ready to say goodbye, it was the perfect opportunity to acknowledge my babies as having lived. 

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