Sunday, 8 December 2013

Where do you hide the presents?

Having toddlers means hiding the Christmas presents is easy, firstly because they don't really know what Christmas is, Big Girl being only just 3 means she doesn't remember it and Baby Girl has no idea what's going on! And secondly its easy because they are completely gullible. Their presents are hidden in plain sight on top of our wardrobe and the bigger ones are under our bed. On the odd occasion when Big Girl says 'what are they' I say, oh its something for Little Sis and that's the end of the conversation. Its not a lie, Little Sis's present is on top of the wardrobe, as are The Husbands presents.

I'm starting to worry about Next year and future years, where am I going to hide them? The Husband hides my present in his wardrobe, what he doesn't know is the girls take them out and I put it back, so hiding in the wardrobe is out of the question! I think the main problem is there isn't any areas that are off limits to the girls, there is space on top of the book shelves in the office, but there isn't a lot of room there or maybe even the boiler cupboard, although I'd have to stop buying chocolate gifts!

I have a friend who wraps them as soon as she's bought them, once wrapped she then puts them in the storage area in her sofa that her children don't know about. I think that's such a great idea. Although for me having 2 todlers means they are usually with me when I buy their gifts (or take them from the postman!) or they'll be at home with The Husband waiting for me to come home. Then there's the other little problem of not having any storage space in my sofa!

Next year I'm going to have to start getting creative, so give me some ideas, where do you hide your Christmas presents?

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