Thursday, 9 January 2014

1st Day at Nursery

This week Big Girl started nursery. On the first day she stood outside watching all the other children go in, a little bit nervous about what was on the other side. We joined the line and followed the other children in. When we got inside, she took one look at the climbing frame and slide and that was it, she was off, all thoughts of being scared had evaporated and she was having fun with the other children. I hung around for around 5 minutes talking to her teachers and filling in the last of the paperwork before finally waving goodbye, while she barely even looked back.

Since then, she's loved every second of being there, each day coming out with a new picture she has painted and telling me all about her new friends and teachers. I'm so pleased she has settled so well and is happy there. I however have found it more difficult! Adjusting to only having 1 child for a few hours a day has felt weird, almost like I've grown another arm and so many things have become easier! Re arranging our day to accommodate the pick up and drop off times has been hard. the amount of times I've looked at the clock and realsised she needs to be at nursery or picked up from nursery in 10 minutes and the girls have been eating dinner or asleep. With each day we're getting more prepared though!

Big Girl being at nursery has been good for both girls, Big girl has loved the friends, independence and feeling like she is grown up because she's at nursery school. Baby girl has loved the 1 on 1 time with me and the independence from her sister. I cant believe my baby is growing up, it honestly feels like just a few weeks ago she was a newborn and I was walking round in a state of shock as a new mum!

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