Thursday, 16 January 2014

Disneyland and New Boots!

For my 21st birthday The Husband took me to Disneyland. I was pregnant at the time and a few days before we were due to go I started bleeding. The day after we got back I ended up in hospital and I miscarried that baby. The holiday was fun, but memories are shrouded with sadness, grief and pain. Next month, for the first time since then, The Husband and I are returning to Disneyland and we're quite excited! This time we're taking our children and really hope to make some happy memories to help heal the painful ones.

I'm really scared to be returning whilst pregnant and can feel my stress levels rising already. When I'm worried, concerned or stressed one thing I end up doing is shopping! It makes me feel better but isn't so great for the bank balance!

The other thing I'm concerned about is the weather, the husband spent 2 years living in France and we both know that during the winter months it can get cold. With Disney being a predominately outdoor attraction I'm worried the girls will end up cold wet, and miserable. I figure if they are happy, we all will be. I've put my stressing and worrying to good use and have been shopping.

Close to us is a Gap Outlet store and a few weeks ago I was happy to find almost every thing we needed for the girls in the sale, with an additional 40% off. We managed to get them fleecy jumpers, lined trousers, thick padded coats and a some long sleeved t-shirts all for under £40.

A few days later whilst looking for some picture frames in Matalan I wondered over to the Childrens' department and found some winter boots, Big Girls were just £15 and she fell in love with them straight away, I couldn't find any in Baby Girls size and was really disappointed until I glanced over at the sale rack and saw some perfect for her priced at just £7.

I'm really hoping the old saying 'there's no such thing as bad weather, but bad clothing' is true and we can all have fun and make some new magical memories as a family. 

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