Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Treat

Its been a long time since I did a Friday Treat, but the feature is back and will be here the last Friday of every month from now on.

Throughout January, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few cakes popping up. The first I made, was a last minute order, she ordered on the Friday at 5pm and wanted to pick up at 4pm the following day. At first I had reservations, I've never done a cake that quick before and knew it would mean a late night and early morning, but the customer sounded a little desperate and I really felt for her!

Luckily I had a few supplies in stock as I was planning on making a valentines cake this month and was able to make a very basic 'Happy Birthday' cake in a heart shaped tin. I was actually really pleased with how this turned out, I would have liked a little longer to make it perfect, but then I think that's just me being overly critical!

Next up was my Valentines cake, this one was a lot of fun to make, mainly because it wasn't for a customer, there were no time constrictions and I could do whatever I wanted with it! I loved the bee's when I saw them and couldn't resist incorporating them into the cake with a 'Bee Mine' slogan

And finally, as it was The Husbands parents birthdays I made them a joint birthday cake. This cake was a lot of fun to do because it was working with techniques I haven't really used before. The greenhouse was made using a cake truffle and was hand painted, something I usually completely avoid doing! It wasn't perfect, but for a first attempt with the cake truffle, glitter, splitting of the cake and hand painting it, I'm actually quite pleased with it.

During February I'm really excited to be making a special cake for Baby Girls 2nd birthday, as designed by her! And I'm hoping to squeeze another in too at some point.

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