Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013

Its been a crazy, hectic, whirlwind roller-coaster of a year here. Its gone by so fast and yet so much has happened to us all.

At the start of the year I was really struggling with CFS/ME, Both the diagnosis and symptoms were a big blow and I wrote several posts about how bad I was and I haven't actually came back and said how things have changed. After discovering a Folic Acid Deficiency, and taking the right drugs for that, I've been so much better. I still have limitations but know where they are and I am comfortable with them, I feel almost like a normal human being!

We also started this year with the very upsetting news the people buying our house were pulling out, it was a real blow and news we really weren't expecting. Thankfully, after a very up and down 48 hours, we had found new buyers and the move was on again. We moved to Weston-Super-Mare and we really couldn't be happier. Life isn't perfect, but when we have emergency hospital visits or The CFS/ME is particularly bad one day, my family is just a phone call and 10 minute drive away rather than the 2 hour drive it was before.

A few days before we moved my baby turned 1, I'm not sure how that happened, and it still amazes me how far she's come, from the screamy baby who wouldn't feed or sleep, who had me worried and on edge every minute of every day to a happy, healthy, head strong toddler who loves her independence, but also loves mummy cuddles.

Big Girl picked up a camera for the first time this year, in March, and has barely put it down since. I literally have hundreds of photos she has taken, most of them blurry, too close or of the floor, but then amongst them there is a gem that reminds me why I let her loose with the camera. As she's getting more practice those gems are getting more and more.

In April I tried to take away Big Girl's dummy for the first time, we weren't very successful and I soon realised that it wasn't going to work unless I took away both children's dummies at the same time. Finally in September I managed to get both girls dummy free!

April was also the month I hit 10,000 page views, since then I've reached over 35,000 page views and am as grateful as ever to each and every one of my readers for reading, sharing, pinning and commenting on posts. I'm also very very grateful to all the support and kind messages I had following yet another miscarriage. It was a very difficult time and blogging became hard, but soon enough I was back into the swing of things and at the beginning of May saw my brother for the first time in 2 years.

In May I also took a leap and signed up to do a degree with the Open university, unfortunately after starting it, I had to make the very hard decision to defer for a year or 2. Its something I still want to do (and years ago The husband and I agreed he could only do a PhD after I completed a degree, so its something he's pushing me to accomplish too!) I will return to it ASAP, but now is not the right time. I went on to write a very funny post entitled Don't Stand On Your Sisters Head all about the crazy things we find ourselves saying to our children, it was picked up by NetMums and published as their blog of the week (a huge honour and accomplishment, just in case you were wondering!)

In June Big Girl started a ballet class she loves the class and practices non stop at home, however she also wont let me sing songs like Twinkle Twinkle and The Okey Kokey as 'its a ballet song mummy'. Just after fathers day I found myself making a public apology to The Husband, clearly I was very sorry for judging him, and not right at all!

I kicked off July wondering what 25 words I would send home to my family if it were my last, it was very interesting to think about what I would want to say and even more interesting to read what others had written. July also marked my 5th wedding anniversary, to mark the occasion The Husband took over the blog! I also shared the wedding cake I had as my Friday Treat. I'm hoping that this year, my Friday Treat feature will return on a monthly basis with brand new cakes I've been making! This month also saw me writing another post called Insomnia, isn't it just a bitch, which was picked up and published by a health magazine, again a great honour and a real boost to me, people actually like what I write!

August saw us going camping, it was the first time we'd been for a while and although I don't particularly enjoy camping, I was grateful for getting back to basics, away from the lap tops, mobile phones and gadgets that surround us. As I mentioned before, September was the month I managed to wean both girls off their dummies, it wasn't a smooth easy ride, but we managed it in the end! Mid September, I discovered I was pregnant again, the  early days of this pregnancy were very difficult and nerve racking, but my baby is still here and still holding on against all odds!

October was a very quiet month on the blog as I struggled with coming to terms with the pregnancy and morning sickness took hold. It was the month Big Girl turned 3 and we had a big Halloween party to celebrate!

Early in November Baby Girl ended up in hospital after a run in with some dog poo that was left on our door step. I reached the magical 12 week mark in my pregnancy and managed to relax a little. Big Girl insisted on getting her eyes tested and was very disappointed to be told her vision is perfect.

And Finally in December we got to spend some quality family time together when The Husband took a few weeks off work. We went to Center Parcs, and discovered I am allergic to real Christmas trees. I also reached the half way point in this pregnancy and behind the scenes have been re organising, re arranging and re decorating almost every room in the house, there are just a few more to go, and hopefully we'll be finished by the time Pop comes along.

I hope all of you have also had a great 2013 and I wish you happiness and joy in 2014. 

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