Monday, 20 January 2014

Instagram, Disneyland and Cake!

Hannah over at Make Do and Push has changed her linky slightly, so I thought this was a perfect time to change the way I join in too and its time to merge a few regular posts! So The Week That Was Captured, featuring some of my Instagram photos, will now also include a quick round up of my week on the blog.

So, this week I haven't gotten an awful lot of blogging done, I've been mainly making cakes and making lists of lists to make, have I ever mentioned before that I'm a big fan of lists and they can literally be found all over my house for every occasion. I think its something I get from my dad, he's a big list person too!

The week started off with me talking about my Literal Children and how The Husband was clearly being very silly when he asked Big Girl where she learnt to juggle!

Fat Mum slim's a photo a day prompts have been 'things that make you smile' and '3 things', there have been more but I missed quite a few prompts this week due to being really busy and then not having my phone when the perfect opportunities for pictures presented themselves, but I did manage to get these 2 in.

On Wednesday I was back at the blog again talking about our upcoming trip to Disneyland. I'm actually quite nervous about it, but am pushing all worries to the back of my head for now and getting on with what I do best when I'm worried! I spotted a few irresistible bits and pieces for Pop in the sale this week, shoes for just £1 each and the cute little sun hat for £2, how could anyone resist? Even The Husband conceded, that despite agreeing not to buy anything till after my GTT test next month, they were just too cute to resist.

Cake making seemed to take over my life, and my home from Thursday and I shared a quick snap of the finished valentines cake along with my makeshift photography space. It looks a little darker than you might expect from this angle, but with a huge patio door behind the camera light just streams in and the photos look really good...OK so they are clearly not professional photos, but I'm really happy with them and they will do until the business can afford to have a professional photography shoot. I'll be sharing the finished cake next week, along with a couple of others I've been working on as part of my returning Friday Treat feature so keep your eyes pealed!

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