Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Loosing Control

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Allowing another person into your child's life to teach them, nurture them and trust them to do the right things is proving to be very difficult! I'm a bit of a control freak and like things to be a certain way, my children are no exception to this! The main thing is I'm aware of it, I know controlling them isn't healthy and I need to let go and have them make their own way in life and allow other people to have influence over them, but knowing that and accepting that are very different things.

Since Big Girl started nursery and Primary (at church) it's something I've been struggling with, particularly when she feels her teachers know better than me. It started when she came home from church declaring her primary teacher had told her Heavenly Father lives in America. She wouldn't accept that he lived in Heaven. She wouldn't listen when we tried to talk to her about it, exclaiming instead that her primary teacher told her so it must be true.

Since then its escalated. At Nursery she's been learning the song 'Who built the ark' She insists the words are 'who build the ark? No-one, no-one, Brother no one built the ark' and she just will not accept, despite knowing the story of Noah and the ark, that the word is Noah! The Husband and I find her version of the song very, very funny and actually really cute. However its also very frustrating that she wont listen to us when we try and correct her.

I'm no longer allowed to sing any nursery rhymes that she sings at nursery because they belongs to nursery, or any song that's sung in primary for the same reasons. Nothing I say is true any more and its always followed up with 'I'll ask my nursery teacher' or 'I'll see what Emily says on Sunday'.

I know its good for her to meet other people, to have her own life away from her sister and parents, but I feel like I'm loosing control of my baby. I'll always be her mummy though, and know that one day she will accept what I say as truth again and discover that mummy always knows best!

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