Monday, 27 January 2014

More cake and practising our handwriting

This week I've been making more cake, this time for my in-laws, it was a really interesting cake made up of 2 sides and I cant wait to share it with you, along with the others I've been working on in January on Friday!

On Monday I blogged about loosing control of my daughter since she started nursery, it's been really difficult letting go and allowing other people to make decisions for her in my absence. In another way its been great as while one child is at nursery the other child sleeps. Its been so long since I've had a guaranteed 2 hours to myself in the day its been hard working out what I should be doing with that time! With the arrival of pop in less than 15 weeks time I know this time wont last forever but am loving it while it does.

Over on instagram I've been continuing with the Fat mum Slim photo a day challange with prompts this week of to-do list, Bed time, nice and Fun stuff. As well as making cakes this week I've also been making art work. I've got a little shelf in my kitchen that needs some sort of picture and thought as I love to get creative in the kitchen I thought what better word to stick up there! Unfortunatly it doenst look quite right up there and so I need to frame it to make it stand out a little better, but it'll do for now.

On thursday I was talking about the moments that matter and how every moment, big or small, matters in life, even if we dont notice them and as usual the girls have been having fun playing in unusual places, jumping on me and drawing all over The Husbands very important work documents. Luckily he has very understanding managers who saw the funny side and were very impressed with Big Girls handwriting!

I'm also 25 weeks pregnant this week, but caught up with a 24 week post that has been sat in my draft box all week! Tiredness is a big problem at the moment, and I'm finding that at the end of the day all I want to do is sleep. I'm hoping that elusive burst of energy finds me soon and you never know I may even get pregnancy week 26 published on the right day!

And finally after making the cake for my in laws we travelled up to Wolverhampton to spend the weekend with them, and I was very grateful for my own bed.

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