Saturday, 11 January 2014


I cant help it, once those pregnancy hormones hit, I feel a compulsion to clean and get my home ready for the new baby. Over Christmas The Husband has had 4 weeks off work, he took the time of to help me out as the midwife was telling me to take things easy, so while he was around I put him to good use!

During his time off he has, turned the play room in to a room (almost) fit for Pop (it just needs decorating), rearranged the office to accommodate a play area, re-wired the office, built a shed as the tools were in the office and children and power tools don't mix! He moved around all the kitchen cupboards as they just didn't make sense and made decent use of the space under the stairs so its no longer a dumping ground for everything I don't know what to do with.

The one room I am happiest with is our living room, in here he has fitted a fire place, painted and wall papered, arranged soft furnishings and refurbished old falling apart furniture so we wouldn't have to buy brand new.

Its not quite finished, I need some art work and picture frames to really finish the room off and having lived with out carpets for far too long I am desperate to carpet the living room, but this is a job that will have to wait as with the arrival of Pop, all our budget is going on baby paraphernalia we thought we wouldn't need again!

The Husband is very proud of everything he's accomplished and so am I! I think he's done a fantastic job and deserves some time of after all the work he's one, being back at work is a welcome break! 

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