Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New years Resolutions

I don't normally make New Year's resolutions, I don’t really see the point. The pressure it puts on you to keep them means you’re more likely to fail, and then just end up feeling rubbish when you realise you haven't become a better person, lost weight, exercised more, etc. 

However, as I was thinking about it this year I decided there are certain goals I've subconsciously set myself to achieve over the next year, so I figured I'd make them into my New Year's resolutions.

My Goals for 2014

1) Take more photos. I've mentioned this before on my Instagram round up, but I really need to capture more moments in pictures. I was devastated to discover there aren't many photographs of Baby Girl as a baby (probably because I was so busy keeping my head above water with a newborn and toddler). We're also missing photos of The Husband and I together and pictures of us as a family. With a smartphone camera, 3 digital cameras and now a brand new tripod to play with, there really isn't any excuse! Over the next year I've decided to join up with 4 new blogging linkies, the first is the Instagram round up I've already started, the second a family photograph challenge to take 1 photo of the whole family each month, the third a sibling photo challenge to take photos of all of my children together, and the forth a couples challenge to take a photo of just The Husband and I together each month. I think that joining in with theses linkies each month will mean I have my camera in my hand a lot more and will capture more moments of our family life. 

2) Make more cakes. I love cake decorating, but at the moment only tend to make one when I have an order. I neglect making them for family birthdays and occasions, so my goal is to make 1 occasion cake a month for my family just because I can! I'm also planning on restarting my Friday Treat feature on the last Friday of each month to showcase these cakes I make.

3) Date Night. The Husband works long hours and often when he comes home I'm finishing off a blog post, catching up on social media and then doing chores around the house that need to be done. When The Husband gets home he frequently needs to finish off a report, send a few emails (which turns into dealing with important things that come in while his computer is on), makes a few phone calls and then helps with the chores that need doing around the house. We've decided to dedicate 1 night a month to just us, a night where we put down phones, computers, chores and social media, a night where The Husband will come home early from work and we can do something together whether its watching a film or cooking dinner together, just doing the things we used to enjoy doing before life took over!

4) Finish turning our house into our home. OK, so I'm not expecting to get this finished by next year, and I know it’l be an ongoing project for the rest of our lives as circumstances change, but there are certain areas I’d like to get done. Pop’s bedroom, for example needs to be redecorated, I’d really like to put a carpet in the living room and the garage needs to be finished being converted to an office, play room and little utility area. These are the areas of my home I want to focus on in 2014.

5) Keep blogging. This may seem like a really silly one, but looking back through the past year its quite clear there have been times I've backed away from the blog for moments for many reasons. I’d really like to break into the Tots 100 blogs and to do that I just need to keep going. I'm currently ranked around the 1000 mark and in 2014 I’d love to just get within the top 500.

So there you have it, my 5 goals for 2014, I think they’re pretty simple and very achievable. I’d love to hear what your resolutions and goals are.

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