Monday, 20 January 2014

Our Story ~ The Beginning

Lucy at Dear Beautiful has started a monthly Me&You photo feature on her blog, the idea is to take a photo a month of you and your partner. As there aren't many photo's of The Husband and I together, in fact I can count on 1 hand the amount of  times we've taken photos of just us during our 6.5 year relationship, we decided it would be fun to join in. I'm also going to be sharing parts of our story about how we met and our life together. 

When people ask where the husband and I met we tell them Manchester. Its always followed up with, 'oh, are you from Manchester?' Each time I find myself explaining that actually no, The Husband is from Wolverhampton and I'm from Bristol.

The Husband served a 2 year mission for our church, he served in the South of France and while he was there happened to meet a friend of mine. 3 weeks after the husband returned from his mission there was a big convention happening in Manchester for the 18-30 year olds from our church. The Husband was cajoled into going by some church leaders and friends and I'd already been forced into going made the decision months ago to attend with some friends.

On the Saturday night there was a Ball. The room was hot and stuffy as there were many people there and the group I was with stepped outside for some air. While we were out there we saw the friend chatting to a random guy, we wondered over and he was introduced as someone the friend met whilst in France.

I kept seeing The Husband many times over the next 2 days and each time I did, I knew there was something different about him. At the end of the weekend, driving home I was really sad that although we'd chatted quite a bit since meeting, I didn't manage to get his number, and he didn't really seem interested. I really did think that was the last I'd see of him, but figured it wasn't meant to be!

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