Friday, 3 January 2014

'Put Yourself First'

When I was pregnant with Big Girl it was easy to do what I was meant to, bending, lifting, twisting, falling asleep on the sofa and many other things that aggravate PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) were a no-no, and it was easy to avoid them, I could put myself first because it was just me to look after.

When Big Girl was just 5 months old I fell pregnant with Baby Girl, suddenly it was more difficult to listen to my Physio. When she said don't lift, don't sit on the floor and don't bend down too much I did my best but with a toddler who wanted me to play with her sitting on the floor was difficult to avoid and while she was still in a bucket seat how was I meant to avoid lifing her in and out of the car? I was a mummy with a very young toddler who needed me, I did my best but at the end of the day Big Girls needs came first.

This time around I'm finding it impossible to listen to my Physio. So much so that my she thoroughly told me off when I saw her this week. She told me off for doing things I feel I don't have a choice over, this time around I have 2 toddlers who need constant attention and running around after. 2 children who need cuddles, comfort and picking up when they sit down on the pavement and refuse to move (like only toddlers can!) Again

The one thing she kept saying to me throughout the session was, you need to put yourself first, be firm and put yourself first. As parents this is something we can often forget to do, and to remind me to put myself first Home Bargains sent a lovely box full of pampering products just for me!

While I was looking through the products I was surprised by both the quality and price, their Argon oil for your hair isjust 99p. Face masks that make your skin feel beautiful are just 69p and Big Girls favourite, a Mrs Piggy shower cap, is just £1.29. I had a lovely evening concentrating on myself, doing my hair and nails with some beautiful scented candles (they must have heard about my love of candles!) The rasberry shampoo smells devine and even comes with a Pavlova recipe that I think I may just have to try out!

I loved shopping in Home Bargains when we lived in Evesham and am so glad they've recently opened a new shop in Weston, it's quickly becoming our go to shop for little bits and pieces for all around the home.

Disclaimer - I was sent a box full of pampering products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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