Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The English Language

Wot So Funee?The English language is something many people struggle with, spelling and grammar rules that don't always apply (i before e anyone?) words that should rhyme but don't (tomato and potato) and words that do rhyme but shouldn't (time and rhyme), its all very difficult to grasp really and I'm sure I've made many errors on here.

Attempting to teach children how to speak and communicate can lead to some very funny mistakes. Big girl gets her tenses round the wrong way, she is only 3 after all, and if there is a today and a tomorrow why wouldn't there be a to-yesterday, a to-later or a to-now, its all very logical to a toddler! But Baby girl is the one who really makes us laugh. She has a lisp and struggles to pronounce some sounds. Lots of people just don't understand what she's saying and assume she can't talk, she has always been very chatty, you just have to know what she's saying. Lately her speech is becoming clearer and clearer which is great,  it means she's screaming less and more people are understanding what she's saying and will engage with her. The husband and I find her mispronunciations very cute for example her 'st' sound is a 'd' sound and her 'bl' becomes a 'w'. We don't generally correct her, we use correct pronunciations ourselves and figure she's not quite 2 and she'll pick it up when she's ready.

Well that was our attitude till earlier this week when Big Girl, Baby Girl and I were walking through the supermarket and she was getting rather upset because 'mummy my stick needs a blanket'. I got some rather odd looks and just wanted the ground to swallow me whole. At least her clock is pronounced cwock. Small mercies and all that!

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