Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Small Things - Support Bands

This week I had a Physiotherapy appointment, after she had told me off for doing too much and not taking care of myself she actually gave me a lot of useful advice. She showed me how to make small changes to my posture and better ways of lying in bed, getting out of the car and sitting at the table etc to reduce the amount of pain I'm in. She encouraged me to not push through and to use my crutch when I need it rather than thinking its not making any difference.

She then gave me a support band, the one I had with Baby Girl was useless and didn't really work, but this one has given me so much relief I can barely believe it. For a start it holds my pelvis in the correct position and gives me a constant reminder I need to be careful of how I move. I still have to be careful when doing things like putting socks and shoes on and sitting on the floor, but the support band is doing its job and supporting where it should!

This week I am grateful for pregnancy support bands!

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