Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Small Things

This weekend we headed up to Wolverhampton to see The Husband's parents. January sees both of their birthdays and my father in law in particular is just so difficult to buy a present for. There just isn't anything he wants! With it being my his 70th birthday we wanted to do something special so thought we'd travel up for the weekend and surprise him with a cake and an opportunity to spend some time with his Grandchildren (the things he loves most in the entire world!) 

Since moving to Weston-Super-mare driving up for the day is a little out of the question with it being a 2.5 hour journey there if there's no traffic problems and then a 2.5 hour journey home again, its just too much for the children, so staying over has become an essential. We're very lucky because they have a guest bedroom with enough room for 2 little air beds (and even room to fit in a little travel cot). I really don't mind staying over, but have to admit, its just not my bed! I miss my mountain of pillows and cushions, especially while I'm pregnant. I miss my heavy duvet and my comfortable perfect mattress

Whilst I am so grateful my in-laws are so accommodating and staying at their house is made so easy, the small thing I am most grateful for this week is my bed!

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