Monday, 6 January 2014

Weekly round up 06/01/14

I started this week saying goodbye to 2013 by taking a look back through the past 12 months, so much has happened and so much is yet to happen this year mainly with the arrival of Pop. Its very exciting times in the Cakes, Kids household!

Then I set out my New Year's resolutions, 5 simple things I want to achieve by the end of 2014. I'm pretty confident I can achieve most of them!

I looked back at the last week on Instagram, which coincidently is also part of one of my goals!

I was also reminded to put myself first this week by my physio, not an easy task with 2 toddlers, but something I need to do more of to make sure I'm fit and healthy to look after the 2 toddlers!

I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and had a little bit of a scare this week when Pop decided to hide! There's also a sneaky, exciting announcement, if you haven't seen it do go over and take a look.

And finally this week I am grateful for pregnancy support bands, my new one is just amazing and right now I really couldn't live without it!

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