Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wot so funee

Wot So Funee?I've been thinking about this blog post for a couple of days now, its been really hard to decide what funee moment to pick. there was the moment the Husband said to Big Girl 'I'm coming to get you' and she responded with 'no daddy, don't get me, don't kill me!' The moment Baby Girl fell asleep sat next to her bed because she wasn't tired. Or even the moment it took over an hour and, literally, hundreds of photos just to produce 2 pictures announcing the sex of our baby.

But I think I'll go with the moment earlier on in the week when I was getting ready to go out, I'd just finished doing my hair, make up and getting dressed. Big Girl came into our room before bed time and I asked her 'how do I look?' she looked at me thoughtfully for a moment and said 'you don't look good mummy' turned round and walked out again.

Right, thanks for that sweetheart. You can always count on toddlers to be brutally honest!

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