Saturday, 1 February 2014

26 weeks pregnant and a whole lot of paranoia

It feels like I've only just done one of these, probably because I have, but this week I am 26 weeks and the end is in sight! Next time I post I will be taking raspberry leaf tablets and on the countdown to my due date. It feels so close yet so far away. We are in no way ready for Pop, his crib is in the loft missing a mattress that I haven't even thought about! His bedroom is looking more like a dumping ground with the girls old toys and clothes hanging off the baby changing unit. I have a list of things in my head we are going to need for the baby (on account of getting rid of a lot of stuff after Baby Girl) and I haven't even thought about maternity leave yet, which if memory serves me right I should be applying for around now! The only clothes he owns are 3 vests and a couple of pairs of shoes I just couldn't resist. I picked up the cutest babygro and bib set whilst in Morrisons today and then I put it back thinking, 'I've got loads of time yet' and now realise I actually haven't!

The braxton Hicks are hotting up this week, getting stronger by the day, which always makes me nervous. It was at just 30 weeks with Baby Girl I found myself being admitted to the maternity unit in premature labour. I remember being on the ward spending my first night ever away from Big Girl. I was in pain with contractions coming every 5 minutes and getting stronger, I was given steroid injections and was being monitored every 60 minutes including throughout the night. Every one was so serious and so worried and I just didn't know what to think. I was discharged late the following day as I hadn't progressed in labour and was under strict instructions to take things very easy, put on bed rest and told not to do anything for the next few weeks. It was a very scary stressful time and bed rest wasn't made easy by a just turned 1 year old! I shouldn't have worried though Baby Girl held on till after my due date and even kept us waiting for 4 days before she finally decided to make an appearance in the world.

I can't help but feel paranoid and get transported right back there each time I feel my tummy tighten and the ache wave over my bump. I'm hoping these Braxton Hicks are just being caused by stress, almost like a catch 22 situation and I really should listen to my consultant and midwife when they say do less, put myself first and take it easy. With 2 toddlers, a trip to Disneyland on the horizon and being completely unprepared for the arrival of Pop, that isn't always easy!

This week Pop is 38cm long and the size of a lettuce. He has fingernails and his hair is getting thicker, which may account for the arrival of the hideous heartburn I was hoping to avoid this time! Still, 6 months down, just another 14 weeks to go!

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