Tuesday, 4 February 2014

'Do you have a special friend?' # A Wot so Funee

Wot So Funee?In November I blogged about how Big Girl was worried about how we were going to give Morgan the Monkey to Pop while he was in my tummy. I was surprised that despite being an inquisitive child and asking many, many questions a day, she hasn't yet asked how Pop got in my tummy. She's accepted there is a baby in there that will come out after Baby Girls birthday, but before Little Sis's birthday and that's it, it's completely normal.

Earlier on in the week Uncle Eddie asked Big Girl if she was enjoying nursery, she said she was and had lots of friends. He then asked if she had a special friend, a boy maybe that she liked? Her excited response caught all of us off guard 'Yes! I have a boyfriend, and now I have a baby in my belly'.

Right. Well. It would seem she hasn't asked because she knows how the baby got there, at least a very watered down version...I hope!

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