Monday, 3 February 2014

Gifts, Photos and (More) Cake

This week has gone by in the blink of an eye, I really have no idea where it went or what we've done! We've had a few Dr's trips, a couple of pharmacy visits, many shopping trips, we visited family and squeezed in a few cake designs for clients.

It was the last week for fat mum slim's photo a day challenge, I'd planned photos for each day but life took over and I only managed to get 1 photo in. The prompt was 'something I bought' and this picture of a bag seemed like the perfect fit. Its from a gorgeous new company based in Worcestershire, there is something inside the bag and I'm hoping to blog about it later this week.

Back on the blog and Baby girl has always made us laugh with her mispronunciation of words, but take a look at last weeks Wot so Funee to see why I wanted the ground to swallow me up on a recent trip to the supermarket!

I joined in with Dear Beautiful's Me & Mine using some photos from a recent trip to Sand Bay in Weston-Super-Mare. Even though I couldn't get Baby Girl to look at the camera I just love this picture of my little, beautiful family!

The girls have been bonding this week, pretending to be me while wearing my jewellery and brushing each others hair. I just love watching them play together and thought it was so funny they thought all they needed to be me was some jewellery!

I returned to my Friday Treat feature this week, but from now on it will be a monthly feature rather than the weekly it was before.  I was showing off the 3 cakes I've been busy making this month, one for a client, one for valentines day and a joint birthday cake for my in-laws, I actually really enjoyed making all of these and have loved re-discovering my passion for baking and decorating this month. Next month I'm so excited to be making my first proper birthday ccake for Baby Girls birthday (what sort of cake decorator has never made a cake for her child!)  and I'm hoping to squeeze another in just for fun!

I can hardly believe that I'm 26 weeks pregnant already, it seems like just a few weeks ago I was tentatively announcing my pregnancy, but with 26 weeks comes stronger more frequent Braxton Hicks and a whole new level of paranoia! Take a look at my 26 week update to see why I'm so worried.

And finally, the small thing I was grateful for last week were portable DVD players, they have completely transformed long car journeys with the girls and I am so pleased we finally bit the bullet and bought one!

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