Thursday, 6 February 2014

Gorgeous Handmade Gifts

As some of you know, since the Husband and I got together 6 years ago we have moved house 5 times. We love our house here in Weston-Super-Mare and couldn't be happier close to family and friends. One of my New Year goals this year is to Make my House a Home, I have a list in my diary of rooms I am allowed to work on (trying to keep it to 1 room at a time, finishing the down stairs before we move upstairs) and am always on the look out for little bits and pieces that will bring our personality into our home.

I was so excited when last week a beautiful piece of wall art popped up on my news feed, I just couldn't resist it. It's from the Gorgeous Handmade Gifts company and is just beautiful. Gorgeous Handmade Gifts is a new company set up by an interior designer who has recently decided to go freelance, as the name suggests its all handmade and the pieces she sells really are gorgeous and so much thought and attention has been put into each and every one of the items, even the packaging has been well designed and thought out!

There are so many pieces I have spotted on her Facebook page, the only problem I'm having is working out where I'm going to put them in my home! I strongly suggest you pop on over and take a look.

Disclaimer - I have in no way been reimbursed for this post. I paid for the item myself and decided to write this as I really, really love it!

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