Friday, 28 February 2014

Me & Mine ~ February

I cant believe its the last day of the month already, this month has gone by in a blur of holidays, birthdays, getting back into routine and sickness!

There were so many photos I could have chosen for this months Me & Mine, but my favourite picture was this one snapped by my Father in law, the girls aren't looking at the camera, its a rubbish light and its a little blurry. But its still my favourite!

It's almost an exact replica of a picture that was taken 5 years ago when The Husband and I visited back in 2009, and for that reason, this picture will always be precious to me!

Baby Girl celebrated her 2nd birthday in Disneyland, then had another celebration when we got home! Her speech is improving every day and I'm loving watching her little personality develop away from her sister.

Big Girl loved meeting some of her favourite characters, especially Rapunzel and really wants to go back to Disneyland soon! She has become a little artist at nursery and is getting better and better at staying in the lines when she colours in.

The Husband enjoyed meeting his favourite character too, but dressed it up as Baby Girl wanting to meet him! He continues to work hard and is looking forward to paternity leave which is coming around a lot faster than he would like!

I've been busy sorting and washing baby things. I've also been nesting again and have finished decorating our living room (apart from a carpet that will wait till after baby is born!) I now need to finish the kitchen and start on the downstairs toilet. I also have lists of DIY that needs to be done before baby is born which The Husband has hidden because it was getting too long!

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