Thursday, 20 February 2014

Our Story ~ The First Date!

Despite many opportunities this month, The Husband and I haven't managed to get a photo together! I have hundreds of photos of him with the girls, many of me with the girls, and quite a few of us as a family but some how, despite constant reminders that it needed to be done, none of just the 2 of us. I first realised this on Tuesday evening when I sat down to write this post and by that time The Husband was 140 miles away working in London for the week. So this week's picture comes from my newly designed blog banner. I know its technically not us, but I just love these 2 characters! I promise to do better next month!

Last month I started talking about how we met for the first time, I finished Our Story by saying that I thought I would never see The Husband again, clearly that wasn't true as 11 months after this first meeting, he became The Husband! So how did we get to our first date? 

Returning home from the convention weekend in Manchester I couldn't shake The Husband from my mind, little did I know The Husband was thinking a lot about me too! I searched for him a few times using Facebook, as he mentioned he was going to set up an account when he got home, but I hadn't had any luck finding him. Then one day, a couple of weeks later, I spotted that he had made a friend connection on Facebook with the friend who had introduced us. I 'friend requested' him and we started chatting, soon after, we exchanged mobile numbers and were 'accidentally' bumping into each other at various events we knew the other would be attending. We were both quite shy and although quite confident in text, email and chatting on the phone, talking in person for some reason was very nerve wracking! A few people thought we would never actually get it together.
Most people are shocked when they find out it was actually me who asked him out on a proper date first, but after a month of chatting every day, and meeting at various events when we could, I got fed up of waiting for him to make the first move!

Our first date was an interesting one, on the day of our date I was struggling with symptoms of what I now know were anxiety and CFS. I phoned him to cancel and some how found myself agreeing to him coming over to the house that evening? He was spending the weekend at the friends house in Weston-Super-Mare and I was living a few miles away from them in Long Ashton. As he had come down on the train my dad agreed to go and pick him up, although my dad says he was perfectly pleasant to him, I'm told it was a very awkward car journey for The husband!

The whole date was pretty awkward to be honest. We watched a film with my parents and brothers, not really what most first dates are made of! I drove him home later that night and had convinced myself that after that 'date' he wouldn't be interested any more. 
dear beautifulMother.Wife.Me

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