Thursday, 27 February 2014

The MADs

If your a friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me talking about the Mad Blog Awards or you may have noticed the little badge I've added to the bottom of each post, but I haven't really explained to my non blogging readers what the MADs are! To be honest, I added the badge and put a shout out on Facebook not expecting anything from it!

But at the end of last week the first of the nominations were revealed and I was beyond shocked and thrilled to find out I've been nominated in 4 categories.

Best Pregnancy Blog
Family Fun
Most Entertaining
Best Overall Blog

So I guess its time to explain to my non-blogger readers who are thinking 'The MADs? What is that!' What the Mad Blog awards actually are! The MADs stand for the Mum And Dad blogging awards, they are very prestigious awards given to the best bloggers in the parenting community, the equivalent of the Brits in the parent blogging community.

I am beyond thrilled and overjoyed to have been nominated in these 4 categories, I still find it hard to believe there are people that actually read my blog, let alone want to nominate it for an award! I struggle to believe, even for a second, I will be considered for the short list as there are so many other amazing blogs out there. However after the initial nominations I find myself wanting to get further into the award process. To do that I need your help! If you haven't already filled in the nomination form and enjoy reading my blog please nominate me in the Pregnancy, Most Entertaining and Family Fun categories, the bloggers with the most nominations will be shortlisted.

Thank you to everyone who has already nominated me, I am honestly touched you enjoy reading my blog that much!

Thanks again Leoni x

MAD Blog Awards

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