Monday, 17 March 2014

32 weeks and fed up already!

I have no motivation at the moment. All I want to do is stay in my pj's all day, eat chocolate and sleep. I am fed up, grumpy, grouchy and not the nicest person to be around and I'm only 32 weeks! The Husband is being very sweet, after already doing this twice before he was fully expecting it, and has been throwing chocolate in my direction whilst telling me how amazing I look.

In reality I'm starting to look like a Weeble, the ones that wobble but don't fall down, that's also how I feel. My insides are now taking a hammering from Pop, I don't think there is an organ left he hast kicked, punched or pushed against in the last week...This is starting to sound like a really grumpy post, maybe I need to inject some positivity into it. The problem is I'm not really a positive pregnancy kind of person!

I saw my consultant this week, and had a growth scan. Pop is doing really well and at the moment is a 'normal' size, and by that I mean on track to be around 8lb when born, much better than the 10lb 9oz Baby Girl was! It was nice to be able to see his little face and hands again, it was also confirmed that he is most definitely a boy. The sonographer was very keen to point out that he kept showing her over and over again, so much so it was getting in the way of her job! He was breech at the scan, but I have a sneaking suspicion he has since turned. I had a very uncomfortable sleepless night where he was spinning and pushing against me and then the next day his kicks and punches were in different places, I can feel his head has moved and I'm pretty sure I can also feel his bum. He's not quite head down, but transverse is better than breech and is on its way to head down! Its really good news as because of the problems in my uterus a manual turning of the baby is so dangerous, so a ELCS would be my only option, and I'm really scared of having one.

At 32 weeks Pop is the size of a squash. In terms of growing and development its all rather boring, he's getting his first lot of REM sleep this week but other than that its all about putting on weight and gaining strength in his lungs and other organs ready for the outside world. Although he is developing and working on his handshake!?

(In case you're wondering where I get my random information from, it comes from a variety of places like Mumsnet, Google and the NHS antenatal book I was given whilst pregnant with Big Girl. I pick out the most random first then the bits that interest and fascinate me!)

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