Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Its Finally Finished ~ My Living Room

I am so excited to say I have finally finished decorating our living room! We started just after we moved in by changing the lights and buying new leather sofa's (on account of our sofas having been destroyed by baby sick!) and then just before Christmas we fitted a new fire place especially for Big Girl so Santa could come and find us. We decided we needed to re paint before the fireplace went in and if we were repainting, the wall paper needed to be changed too and it just snowballed from there! This week we hung the last picture on the wall so let me show you around.

We've gone a bit Nextastic and every time we go into next Big Girl points things out and very loudly exclaimed, 'We have that mummy!' But I am just in love with all their Spring/Summer pieces I couldn't resist adding some of them to my home. First I saw the cushions and fell for the picture to match, just the thing to go over our brand new fire place! The stripy cushions are from Homebase and I found them in the sale, having had 2 children with reflux, I didn't want to tempt fate too much and buy expensive cushions, been there and done that! But the next ones are machine washable and although the Homebase ones say dry clean only I've had success hand washing them very carefully after an accidental hot chocolate spillage.

The photo frame on the fireplace is also from Next and I was planning on putting in a photo of The Husband and I, but felt the You & Me words worked well in the room. I saw the cute little candle sticks in Homebase and thought they finished off the fire place perfectly.

I found this cute oversized brandy glass in the Range and although I'm not a huge fan of pot-pourri, with daily nappy changes and baby Girl still suffering from the odd reflux episode, it really helps to keep the house smelling ok-ish! I also found the table lamp and cute LOVE letters which work perfectly on our refurbished DVD cabinet.

On the walls I found a heart wreath from the Range, it was in the wedding section and is made to have rings attached for a little ring bearer, but after drilling a small hole in the back I think it looks just beautiful! I also have this cute little word art canvas from Gorgeous Handmade Gifts, (you can find out all about them here) and think it works perfectly as its not too big. I also found this cute little word plaque from Next, the first time I saw it there was 1 left and I walked out without buying it. When I went back the following day it was gone! I was heartbroken (yes its just a plaque, but I'm pregnant and have raging hormones! ;)) We searched the catalogue and internet but unfortunately it was a store item only. I literally went in every day until it appeared again and was so happy when it did!

I got the little Ottoman from Dunelm Mill, its leather and can be wiped clean (important when you have children!) and also fold-able so if I ever wanted to put it away to make more room for the toys I can (or I could just store the toys in it!). Its perfect for storing comfy blankets the girls just love snuggling under in the evenings or for elevating swollen pregnant ankles at the end of the day!

The curtains were a bargain in the sale from Dunelm Mill, although they aren't perfect, with little greasy fingers around and 2 children who love to wrap themselves up in them, they will do for now!

Finally just after Christmas The husband spotted this picture frame in Matalan, it was a little damaged so they gave us a discount for it as it was the last one! I've thrown some photos in it for now but can't wait to replenish them once Pop is born and I have some more gorgeous new born photos to add!

Practically speaking I also need some kind of storage area for the new baby, with 3 children going upstairs each time to change a nappy isn't going to work! so a set of drawers or a box to store nappies, wipes, bibs muslins, baby grows and vests is needed somewhere in the room. I would also love to put a carpet in the room as in my opinion it can warm and finish a room, however with one child potty training and another highly probable refluxy baby on the way its just not practical. Possibly next year we will, but we really need to get out of the baby stage first. 

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