Monday, 3 March 2014

The Weekly Roundup

Good morning! This week has been a whirlwind of exhaustion, cake and a hospital monitoring visit. The 3rd trimester is really starting to take it out of me and I just want to sleep all the time! I have a feeling over the next few weeks the blog will either be taken over by pregnancy as I reflect on what happened last time and get organised this time (so apologies to all my non pregnant/not interested in reading about my pregnancy readers) or I'm going to go very quiet as I just turn to just sleeping all the time!

On the blog this week I started by talking about life after pregnancy! It's a scary thought, but I can't do everything and need to pick a path, do I focus on the business or go back to Uni? Its a decision I am no closer to making!

Later on I was talking about the MAD Blog awards, and drumming up some nominations, you can nominate until March 15th so if you haven't done so already, please please consider my little blog for an award!

It was then time for Me & Mine and I shared some photos taken while we were in Disneyland, I forgot to mention the picture of me was taken by Baby Girl, although its a funny angle and not exactly flattering, I was quite impressed it wasn't out of focus or too close.

And finally on Saturday I started the Final Countdown!!! That's right as of today I have 68 days till my due date, that's less than 10 weeks, I'm hoping to be induced before then and I just cant wait to not be pregnant any more.

MAD Blog Awards

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