Friday, 9 May 2014

Introducing Baby Pop

If you follow me on social media, you may have already seen, 7 days ago Baby Pop made his début into the world and he has finally let me put him down for long enough to write a blog post!

On the 2nd May 2014 I was due to ring the maternity hospital at 9am to see if my induction would be going ahead. At 7.50 my phone rang and my heart sank when the lady on the end told me she was a midwife. I was sure she was going to push it back. By this time I'd had 3 sweeps and had been contracting irregularly for the week. I just wanted the whole thing to be over and was so shocked when she told me they were ready for me and to make my way in asap.

A few hours later after being shown around the induction ward and being warned I could be there foe some time, the Propess drug was administered. The midwife left telling us she would be back in 3 hours to check on me but within 5 minutes I had had a strong contraction and within 15 minutes I was contracting every 5 minutes. after half an hour I sent the husband to find the midwife, she came and hooked me up to the monitor to see what was happening and discovered the contractions were coming very strong every 3 minutes (I could have told her that!)

She rang down to the delivery ward without examining me as she was convinced I was going to be giving birth very soon. We arrived on Labour ward at 1pm and after going through all the paperwork a plan of action was discussed. It was decided that my waters were going to be broken as they hadn't yet gone, and maybe the drip given if I wasn't dilating. Somewhere between 1.30 and 1.45 the midwife attempted to break my waters, however it was discovered that they had already gone at some point (if only I could go back and glare at the midwife who told me I just had a weak bladder!) at the same time I was examined and told I was 5cm which meant I was officially classed as in established labour. Baby Pop was finally on his way!

After that the contractions ramped up a gear and I felt the most intense pain I have ever felt in my whole life! by 2pm I was telling the midwife I felt I needed to push the baby out but it was obviously too early. I told her the pain was just too much and I asked for an epidural, I just didn't feel I could go on much longer. The anesist came round at 2.15 and started getting everything they needed ready. They numbed my spine and told me after the next contraction they would do the epidural. During the next contraction I started pushing and I couldn't stop! I shouted to the midwife I could feel the head and suddenly everyone started moving very quickly! I was pushed over onto the bed and sure enough Baby Pop's head was out. Less than a minute later I was cuddling my 9lb baby boy completely shell shocked that I had managed to push him out with just paracetamol in less than an hour.

On the official documentation his labour is recorded as just 31 minutes long, although in reality it was closer to an hour. A fast birth is not something I would recommend, but I am so grateful to not be pregnant any more I'd take a fast labour over pregnancy any day!

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