Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Our Story ~ 'Have you set the date?'

This months photo is a rather awful selfie where The Husband and I are looking so very tired, but with Baby Pop being just 18 days old, sleep deprivation is getting the better of us and this is our reality right now.

If you want to recap on Our Story, you can read Part 1, The Beginning and Part 2, Our First Date

After our crazy awkward first date, the husband and I decided to go on a second. The second date was every bit as awkward as the first! The only weekend we both had free was a weekend where The Husband was helping out with a convention. Rather than being a big convention the husband and I met at, this one was a much smaller one for local 14-18 year olds. I went along to help out with a workshop The Husband was giving and had to face teasing comments and jibes such as, 'have you guys set the date yet?' 'Soooo, when you getting married?'

One of the down sides to being in a culture that is so family orientated, is everyone is so excited for marriage, as soon a someone goes on a second date these questions start. Its an attitude that has those in relationships rolling their eyes, yet inevitably they will start the teasing and jibes themselves as soon as a friend goes on a second date!

Despite the awkward questioning, nudging and winking of The Husbands family friends, the husband and I decided that actually there was something a little bit different about this relationship and we would very much like to see each other a little bit more.
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