Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Too Hot, a Wot so Funee

The Husband went back to work last Friday, and I'm slowly settling into a routine with 3 young children to look after. I really want to get back to the blog and am sure that soon enough I will be back to my normal working routine of blogging regularly and being ever present on social media, but for now I'm enjoying newborn snuggles and attempting to keep toddler jealously at bay!

As Tuesday is Wot so Funee day and its been so long since I linked up, I thought I'd leave you with this little nugget that came from Baby Girl as The Husband strapped her into her car seat over the weekend.

'Daddy it's too hot'
'It's Ok, I'll turn the air conditioning on and it'll cool down'
'No daddy, you mean hair conditioner'

I love how when my toddlers don't recognise words, they just default to what they think it should be!

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