Thursday, 12 June 2014


The husband and I have come to a decision. Its a big, scary, exciting decision and we know that its the right decision for us, our family and circumstances. However working out how to write this post has been really difficult. I'm not out to condemn the schooling system or anyone who chooses to use it, however The Husband and I have decided that school isn't the right option for our children at this time.

As we've watched Big Girl lean and grow at nursery over the last few months we have realised she is ready for so much more. She is desperate to learn how to read and write and desperate to learn about how the world works. At nursery she is learning the same things over and over - colours, numbers and how to write her name, and with the current system, she wont learn any more than this until she starts reception in 15 month time but she is desperate to learn so much more right now.

We've decided to take her out of nursery, we've decided to start teaching her the basic maths she would learn in the Reception year and start her on the path to learning to read by introducing her to Phonics. We've decided along side these traditional subjects she would encounter in reception we're also going to introduce subjects she wouldn't encounter on a weekly or daily basis. She's going to have daily music lessons as she learns how to play the piano, daily RE lessons as we learn stories from the scriptures to compliment the lessons she gets at our church on a Sunday and also weekly cookery lessons.

We're all really excited about the changes this will mean in our day and lives. It means I need to get more organised to fit everything in and our play room is having a complete overhaul. The toys are emigrating to the bedroom and study materials are moving in. Very soon I will be doing a blog post on our new study room and then looking more in detail about what we do with our day and the subjects we are studying. We're starting slowly this week as Big Girl is really keen to get started but I'm not completely set up to get going full time yet and come September we will be fully immersed in home education. Many people think I'm crazy, I have 3 under 4 and I'm choosing to make life difficult for myself, and maybe I am, but right now, I know this is the right decision  for us.

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