Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Overheard ~ Conversations of a Toddler

I am forever putting on my personal Facebook page funny conversations I have with my girls, and with the arrival of Pop it dawned on me, I'm going to be having funny conversations with my toddlers for at least 4 more years before they turn into funny children! I've decided its time to start putting all these funny little conversations and one liners in one place and as this blog is first and foremost a documentation of family life, I guess that place is here!

The first one liner this week comes from Baby Girl. While we were sat on the sofa earlier this week, she put her hand on my tummy and said 'Are you having another baby? Your tummy all big again!' Needless to say I was not impressed!

The second conversation comes from Baby Girl, she was getting frustrated with her sister who wanted to play with her.
Big Girl: Stop touching all my stuff, if you want to touch, you have to say 'Big Girl please can I touch? OK?'
Baby Girl: Oh...Big Girl please I touch?
Big Girl NO!
I have to say normally I let them deal with their arguments on their own, but I did intervene at this point (through stifled laughter) and steer Baby Girl into playing with something else!

I'm linking this up with Wot so Funny, which this week is being hosted by Mummy, Mummy, Mum hop over to her blog to see what other #Funee children have been up to this week

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