Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Blog of an Exhausted Mum of 3

Recently I've been really lacking in inspiration for the blog, even the simplest of posts read as lifeless, boring and dull, so they aren't getting published. You'd think as a mum of 3 under 4, a home educator and a psychology student I'd find inspiration all around me, but maybe its because I'm all those things that I'm struggling. I'm tired all the time. I start to worry the CFS is creeping back in and I'm on my way to crashing out and relapsing, then I look at my perfect baby boy, and my beautiful, strong willed, independent minded girls and I think, oh yea, that's why I'm so tired all the time!

It does mean that although I'm desperate to get back into blogging, desperate to jump back in and get on, to do more than just watch the blogging community from the side lines, I'm struggling with where to start or what to say, without it sounding lifeless. So this is me, jumping back in and getting on, regardless of what it sounds like. I am reclaiming my blog and re-finding my voice as a tired run down mum of 3! Let me start by catching you up with what's happened over the past few weeks

I've made the scary decision to home educate, Pop turned 8 weeks and is turning into quite the chunk, Baby Girl has hit the 'terrible 2's' and terrible just doesn't seem to do it justice! I keep reminding myself, its just a phase and it will pass. She's finding her voice, learning her boundaries and exerting her independence, but its exhausting when it feels like she's just being defiant because she can! And finally (and I'm sneaking this one in here in the hope that no one reads it!) whilst taking a curious look at the OU website I saw the module I wanted to study is being offered again this year (it wasn't offered last year and I ended up studying one I wasn't completely happy with and ultimately dropping out when things got tough) and on the spur of the moment I signed up! I then sent this text to my husband! 

The Husband was completely relieved to discover I'd 'only' signed up to continue with my degree, he was imagining something much, much worse! But I think this text just about sums up the year ahead for our family, it's either going to be a really exciting one or a really exhausting, crazy one. Either way things can easily be reversed, if the degree is too much I can always walk away again, if home schooling big girl and having the 2 little ones is too much I can always put her in school. I am really excited about this coming year, and I really hope that I continue to find inspiration for the blog all around me and I hope that you stick with me while I find my voice as an exhausted mum of 3!

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