Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Me & Mine ~ June

I love this picture as it just sums up our family life right now. Pop sleeping in the background while a shattered husband and I try to keep the girls entertained!

Pop is now 8 weeks old, I cant believe how quickly that has gone. He's smiling, starting to laugh and staring at people more. He's spending more of the day awake and settling into a nice little routine of playing, feeding and sleeping.

The novelty of Pop being around has well and truly worn off for baby girl. We've seen tantrum after tantrum as she struggles with her place in the family (middle child syndrome, I know how she feels!) One minute she is telling me she doesn't want to be a big girl any more and she wants to be my baby, and the next she's telling me she's not a baby she's just herself. I really feel for her and am trying to help her adjust by making sure she still has time with mummy and daddy, keeping things as close to before pop came along as I can and giving her her own space to go, a space no one else is allowed to enter. We've seen a slight improvement in her behaviour over the past week so hopefully she's adjusting and starting to feel more secure. 

Big Girl is really happy to be Home Educated and keeps asking if she can do more school work now. I'm limiting the amount of 'learning' she's doing in a day and trying to encourage her to play more, but she is like a thirsty sponge, just desperate to soak it all up! She can now recognise and sound out the letters SATPIN and can add up to 3! I'm really impressed with how she's doing, she must have her daddy's genius genes!

The Husband did his last stint with his London client this month, which means he will be spending less time working away in the future. He's a little bit sad (to be leaving the client, not at having to be home more!) but is looking forward to new opportunities opening up now he has a gap in is portfolio.

I am loving spending time teaching Big Girl and am also amazed by how much Baby Girl knows too. I think this may be partly the source of her tantrums, she's very intelligent, but her speech doesn't reflect this). I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into my degree later this year and have also started running again, which I'm really enjoying. 

June has been a month of changes for us as we continue to adjust to having a new baby, say good bye to the old and welcome new exciting challenges. We are all really looking forward to what July has to offer!

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