Wednesday, 30 July 2014

One More Night

Tonight, I'm in pain. Its like my jaw knows that tomorrow I'm off to the dental hospital for surgery on my mouth and it wants me to pay just one more night! Aside from the usual pregnancy scars, you know the mummy tummy, the stretch marks and additional pounds that refuse to leave my body, my teeth have taken a battering. 3 lots of morning sickness combined with already weak teeth and gums have left them in a pretty bad shape. They were in a bad shape after Baby Girls pregnancy, I really didn't stand a chance this time!

So tomorrow I am off to the Dental Hospital in Bristol to have the first of 2 'quick operations'! Its being done under conscious sedation, which means that I will be awake enough to answer questions but out of it enough to not be bothered by the procedure. After its over I'm not allowed to be left unsupervised for 24 hours, I'm not even allowed to cuddle my children without help and I'm being forced to spend the day in bed! I'm quite looking forward to the enforced sleeping, between the girls and pop I've not been getting an awful lot of that recently, but the rest of it I'm pretty nervous about.

The Girls are really excited to be off to Nana's for the day and I'm really worried about spending my first day without Baby Pop. I've expressed enough milk and packed enough nappies, muslins and changes of clothes to keep him happy for a week! I Know he will be well looked after cared for, but I'm still nervous, I don't think I'm ready to leave my baby for so long just yet!

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