Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Funky Giraffe, A Review

Pop is now 14 weeks old, can you believe that! Where has that time gone? He's turning into a little chunk, ok, so maybe he was born a little chunk, but seriously 4 weeks ago I bought him all new clothes in 3-6 months and already I'm noticing he's already growing out of them.

In the last 2 weeks he's started chewing his fists, dribbling, sticking his tongue out and did I mention the dribbling! With some visible teeth buds on his bottom gums, I think we've hit the teething stage. His new bibs from Funky Giraffe could not have come at a better time!

I first heard about Funky Giraffe when Baby Girl was little, but the amount of bibs she was staining through her medication, I could never justify spending the money on 'designer bibs'. I was really surprised to learn that 5 bandanna bibs costs just £11.25 that's just £2.25 a bib, and the more you buy the cheaper they get!

The bibs are made from a high quality cotton fabric and backed with fleece to help keep chests dry and unlike other supermarket brands that I have bought in the past, they wash really well and haven't shrunk. The company was started by a mum during her maternity leave and she has designed all of her products to last throughout the life of the baby, the 2 poppers at the back mean they fit both newborns and toddlers. It may not have done her any favours in the business world, but as a parent its great to know these bibs are built to last and I wont have to re-buy them in 6 months time when Pop grows out of them.

The designs are bright and colourful and there are over 250 designs on the website to choose from, with free postage and packaging and many other products like rompers, hats and burping cloths Funky Giraffe are quickly becoming a favourite store of mine and far from the out of reach designer bib label I had them pegged as.

Pop Loves his new bibs too...Well all apart form the fish one which he just wasn't too sure about! And the 5th one that we ordered, that is a surprise for The Husband for Christmas!

Disclosure ~ I was sent 5 bandanna bibs for the purposes of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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