Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great Blogger Bake off ~ Bread Week

My sister is around 17 months older than me, because of where our birthdays lie this means she was in the year directly above me at school. Academically my sister excelled, Maths, English and Science she was great at and always top of the class. Practically she was gifted too, Music, Art, Sewing were all 'her' subjects and physically in Drama and PE she always gave her all and no matter what had a positive attitude, which meant the teachers just loved her, she was a star pupil.

She was a hard act to follow. I seemed to have all the teachers she did, and even if they hadn't taught her they all knew about her. My sister and I look alike, we sound alike and many people, and this is a problem I still face, expect us to act the same. Teachers expected us to be similar academically, and the truth is, we couldn't be more different!

I am not academic. In Maths, English and Science I was distinctly average. My teachers expected more of me, and would get angry and frustrated when I couldn't give it. They were adamant I was a lazy student when in reality I was giving my all, and they weren't afraid to tell me what they thought. 

Cookery class became my strength and my escape. Cookery is where I excelled. I looked forward to each lesson and loved getting lost in recipes. I loved my cookery lessons, that was until we started a new topic. Bread.

For some reason I just couldn't get it right. My dough would be too wet, then too dry, it refused to rise and I would be the one in the corner with the flat, dense, inedible, hard as a rock yet strangely raw loaf of bread. As an adult, I invested in a bread maker, a perfect solution I thought! Yet somehow, despite following all the instructions and googling to within an inch of my life I still ended up with flat, unrisen dense, raw bread. 

When I decided to join in with this challenge I knew bread week would come and I have been worrying about it so much I came up with a plan. This week my recipe is very easy, anyone can do it!


Money around £1-2 will cover it
Some form of transport, some like to walk or get the bus, for me I like to use my car.

  1. Take your chosen from of transport to your nearest supermarket, bakery or corner shop
  2. Pick up your favourite variety of bread. I love granary rolls so I've chosen them
  3. Take them to the check out and purchase with your money
  4. Take your bread home and enjoy

I'll see you next week for deserts. 

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