Friday, 29 August 2014

Last Minute Camping!

So last week I planned on blogging over the weekend, but on Friday we decided to head off to Clark's Village, an outlet shopping center near to our home for a day of shopping. We passed some friends who were towing their caravan and heading down to Doone Valley for a camping weekend. The Husband and I usually join them, but we had decided to give this year a miss due to having a young baby and a car that's really too small to fit us all in plus the camping gear! I suddenly felt really sad we wouldn't be joining them and The Husband and I started discussing how we would fit everything we needed in the car and before we reached Clark's Village I told him to turn around and go home, we needed to pack for our camping trip!

We arrived home at 12pm, fed the girls lunch and by 3pm were all packed up and ready to go, we just needed to make a quick stop at the supermarket and we would be on our way. Pop had other ideas though, just as we left the super market he poo'd, not a little poo but a massive, fill his car seat, up his back and down his legs, he's going to need a bath poo! We rushed home, I dunked him in the bath and got him changed while The Husband and the girls waited in the car and by 4.30 we were definitely ready to head off.

We arrived at the camp site at 7pm and I was very grateful for the volunteers that were only too happy to have a cuddle with Pop and also to help us put up the tent. Due to the last minute nature of our camping trip, there were so many things I forgot like a lighter for the cooker, a dust pan and brush and mine and the girls tooth brushes! (luckily I remembered before we got there so we were able to make a quick stop to get some new ones!) Despite all the things I forgot, we really enjoyed it! It wasn't scorching hot, but it was dry and not raining and that was good enough for us. The girls loved splashing in the river and playing with Benjie, a friends dog, and as always The Husband and I enjoyed having no phone signal and being completely cut off from phones, social media and work for just a few days.

On Sunday afternoon the decision to pack up and come home was made due to the rains that were on their way, we packed up in sunshine and at times I doubted it was going to be that bad! Sure enough when we woke up on Monday morning in the comfort of our beds and brick houses the rain was unrelenting. I am so glad we made the last minute decision to join our friends last weekend, it was just so much fun!

One thing I'm really annoyed at though, is despite taking my camera I didn't once get it out! I have no photos. Is one thing i'm really trying to improve this year and am gutted I fell into old habits and didn't take any pictures.

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