Thursday, 28 August 2014

My trusty companion

A couple of days after I passed my driving test, my mum took me to visit some car garages in Bristol. I test drove a few cars but driving felt scary and new, I was nervous and the cars just seemed so big! We went to the Fiat garage in Brislington and went to inquire about a car I liked the look of, when I saw it. A light blue gorgeous Fiat Panda. It was a 4x4 and had bright yellow seats inside. When I test drove it I didn't feel scared and nervous of driving, it just felt right. It was love at first sight and I had to have it. 

That was 8 years ago and it has been my trusty companion ever since. It's been there through heartbreak and happy times, its the car I was driving when I first met the Husband and the car we drove from our wedding in. It's been there as we have bought each child home from the hospital, and the car that has kept them safe on journeys ever since. My car waited patiently on the drive when I couldn't drive during Big Girls pregnancy and again after I had my seizure. In good times and in bad my car has been there. 

After Pop was born The Husband and I realised we had out grown my car. The Pushchair didn't really fit in the boot, but I squeezed it in anyway, there was never any room for the weekly shop, but that's what laps were built for surely!? There were only 4 seat belts and there were now 5 of us, but I didn't mind leaving The Husband at home! Eventually I had to agree, my car was too small for a family of 5, so last week I waved goodbye to my car as my brother came and picked it up.

He's just starting out on an exciting adventure working in Chorley and going to uni in Liverpool, he needed a trusty companion to join him on his adventure and my car was only too happy to volunteer! I'm sad to lose my car, but I quite like my new, slightly bigger car and am so pleased my old car has gone to a new happy home.

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